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Connecting People
Through Food

Italian Food & Pizza for Dine In & Delivery

Chef Andre Chiesa finds himself drawn to the camaraderie centered around eating. He believes this focus is what originally attracted him to the restaurant and hospitality business.

That—and his passion for the outdoors! During his time in nature—hunting and fishing with his father, he picked up the basic skills of butchery and smoking meat.

He fine-tuned his early experiences by studying Culinary Arts at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Then Andre took those skills to the finest restaurants in Milwaukee where he learned to cook Mediterranean, casual American, Cajun, Asian, and Italian cuisine.

As the new owner of Bari Pizzeria in West Allis, Wisconsin, Andre plans to do more than cook tasty Italian dishes and pizza. He promises to create memories, just like the ones he cherishes from around his own dinner table. He wants customers to create connections as they enjoy his culinary creations.

Andre plans to go the extra mile in doing so. He yearns to connect with customers by delivering tasty dishes with a high level of personalized service.

He also plans to build community connections just as he did as executive chef for Sodexo. In this role, he volunteered his time in the Madison and Milwaukee areas and hosted fundraising events. And, as president of Sodexo’s Culinary Association, he used his culinary background to influence frontline staff.

Cooking is more than a just a job for Andre—it is his passion. He loves to BBQ and even designed and fabricated his own BBQ smoker trailer to take his hobby on the road. He promises to put a new spin on old-school Italian dishes by introducing BBQ flavors to Bari Pizzeria’s offerings.

When Andre is not in the kitchen, he is spending time with his two daughters and his wife, which he says is the very best way to pass the time. Andre and his wife share the same dream: they want Bari Pizzeria to be the local neighborhood restaurant that connects people through food.